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Auto Repair Olathe: Beware of Pothole Season

Spring is here and you might already know that there are more than just flowers and trees budding - potholes are appearing just under the melting snow or spring rain! Potholes are more than just an eye sore on the road. Driving over them can cost you hundreds of wasted dollars because they can create flat tires, bent rims, and broken springs and damaged suspensions, shocks and brakes!

Most potholes begin to form during the winter season. It starts when moisture seeps into the pavement. Because water expands when it freezes, it can easily destroy the structure of the road or highway from the inside out. Unfortunately we don't have the resources to make potholes conveniently disappear overnight, so below are some ways you can reduce any potential damage to your vehicle.

Ways to Avoid Pothole Injuries

Make sure your Olathe tires are properly inflated based on the recommendation in your owner's manual. You can check the condition of your tires by looking at the treads for any signs of uneven wear that can result from misalignment. You can also tell if your tires are misaligned when your car "pulls" to one side while driving. Misalignment will not only decrease the tires' lifespan, but also increase your fuel consumption! Your professional Auto Repair Olathe facility can help you make sure your tires are balanced and properly rotated.

If you can't avoid hitting a pothole, do not apply brakes during the impact or swerve around the hole! There will be less damage to your vehicle if you just roll over the hole squarely than if you skidded over it, forced the tire and wheel down the pothole while braking, or hit it at a weird angle when swerving. Swerving is also dangerous because you might hit a vehicle in your blind spot.

When driving at night, try to drive on well-lit roads so you can see the road surface.

If it's raining, avoid driving over puddles that may just be covering a pothole.

Slow down so you can give yourself a chance to see the pothole in advance and have enough time to drive around it.

Although the winter weather is behind us, it doesn't mean road conditions are perfect!

Make sure to listen for any clunks, vibration, or other concerning sounds that do not sound normal after or while driving over a pothole. If your vehicle doesn't feel like it’s driving normal, make sure you have your trusted Auto Repair Olathe shop inspect it right away in case there may be any existing damage that can create unsafe driving conditions for you and your passengers! Being a cautious driver will help you

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