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Jump Starting Dangers: Auto Repair Olathe DIY Tip

Have you ever needed to have someone jump-start your car? Or have you ever had to do that for someone else? Well there is a proper procedure for performing this, which if not followed could prove to cause more harm than good. Hooking the cables up backwards or improperly can cause major electrical damage or even worse. Batteries contain hydrogen gas, which is highly explosive, and when the final connection is made with the cables, sparks are created. This is a very volatile combination.

Follow these Auto Repair Lenexa instructions and you will stay safe and be able to get that car started:

Important Notice: Make sure that the cable leads NEVER touch one another. Now look at both car’s batteries and make sure that you can identify the Positive (+) and Negative (-) terminals. Once you have done that then go to the healthy car, which should be running, and hook one of the Red (positive) leads to the Positive terminal of the battery. Then take the matching Black lead and attach it to the Negative terminal of the battery.

Now that the healthy battery is hooked up, now move on to the dead car. Do the same thing with the Red (positive) lead and hook it up to the Positive terminal of the battery. Now here is the difference. The last Negative connection should be made to either the engine block or other grounded metal that is away from the battery. This will ensure the sparks created won’t cause the battery to ignite. If you are using a portable battery charger, the hookup is the same. Now that everything is hooked up properly, allow the dead car to receive a charge from the healthy, running car for five to ten minutes. Then attempt to start the dead car. If it won’t start, give it another ten to fifteen minutes of charge and try again. If that doesn’t get it started then it is not a battery issue and will require more in depth diagnostics at your trusted auto repair Lenexa facility to locate the problem.

Jump-starting shouldn’t be something to be feared, but the proper procedure and possible problems should be known. Following the procedure above won’t guarantee the car will start, but it will keep any other problems from arising from trying to get it started.

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