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Olathe Auto Repair: A/C Myths Debunked

I don’t know if you’ve checked the weather report lately, but it doesn’t look like Olathe’s getting any break from the heat any time soon. That said, what sort of condition is your vehicle’s air conditioning in?

We all know the importance of air conditioning maintenance, especially in these hot summer months. However, some regular habits we put in place for our cool air are counterintuitive.  Here are a few air conditioning myths debunked from your local Olathe Auto Repair:

A/C Wastes Gas?

It’s an old wives tale that air conditioning will hurt your gas mileage. In fact, Consumer Reports has found that if you’re traveling faster than 40 MPH, it’s better to have the A/C blasting than to have the windows rolled down. Reason being at higher speeds, wind resistance makes your car work harder than the A/C due to wind resistance.

Freon Replacements are OK?

When your air conditioning system goes awry, a cheap Freon replacement may sound tempting. However, the fact that your A/C is out is the sign of a bigger problem. This refrigerant will work initially, but the reason why you’re putting it through your system in the first place is most likely because of a leak. You’ll waste money by constantly filling up the A/C system, and it also hurts the environment. Your best bet is to stop by Transmission Repair Olathe to have the system looked at by an ASE-Certified tech.

Adjusting the A/C Temperature is Economical?

Instead of adjusting the A/C for your desired temperature, Your local Olathe Transmission Repair recommends having the setting as cold as it can get and then to turn it off when you’ve reached the desired temperature. When you adjust the A/C temperature, it actually mixes warm air from the heater to achieve the desired temperature. This causes the A/C to run longer and actually costs you more.

Waiting for the A/C to “Warm Up” is Worth It?

Though your air conditioning may throw out hot air at first on a warm day, make sure to let it run until it cools down. Your air conditioning begins to work as soon as you turn it on, so waiting for it to “warm up” compromises your fuel economy. Your local Olathe Oil Change shop recommends rolling down your windows until the vents spit out cool air.

If you have any questions about your air conditioning, don’t hesitate to stop by a reliable Olathe Tires shop like Anderson Automotive or call (913) 393-0083 today!



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