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Saving Time and Money with an Olathe Oil Change

Olathe oil changes are one of the most important things we can do with our cars, saving us time and money down the road. So if you want your vehicle to last a long time, it’s imperative to stay on top of Olathe oil changes and filter replacements. This may not be very high or desirable on you to-do-list, but truthfully it’s one of the most important factors when it comes to your vehicle’s health.

            Some newer vehicles have sensors that monitor engine oil quality and lets you know when it’s time to have it changed. This very sophisticated technology helps you stay on top of a vehicle’s maintenance, but even if you don’t have this technology you can still monitor your engine’s oil quality.

            Many people see engine oil as a thick, black substance. However, fresh, new oil should be an amber color and black, sludgy oil is a sign for and immediate oil change. Old oil turns black when it has accumulated debris from your engine. Bottom line, your oil can only be heated and re-heated so many times before it breaks down and becomes useless.

            Frequency of Olathe oil changes will vary from vehicle to vehicle, and will also depend on the driver’s habits behind the wheel. However, having it changed every 3,000 miles is a common recommendation.

            The benefits of taking your vehicle in to an ASE-Certified mechanic are that they have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate every car effectively, and will also inspect other aspects of your vehicle while they’re at it. This will ensure that the vehicle you’re operating is effective and safe for you and your passengers.

            Postponing or skipping Olathe oil changes may sound like a great way to save a quick buck, but by doing so you’re paving the way for a future breakdown. By starving your engine of oil, you’re denying your engine the protective layer that keeps your engine’s many parts from grinding together and warping from excessive heat. A new engine will cost you thousands of dollars, so the smartest and most cost-effective option is to stay on top of oil changes.

            If you are unsure of you vehicle’s oil status, visit an ASE-Certified tech to have your oil changed.

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