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The Importance of Cooling System Maintenance

An engine’s lifespan is severely dependant on a car’s cooling system. When a car overheats, the resulting damage is often severe enough to require an engine overhaul. It is important to make sure the cooling system is always in good working order.  Taking a few preventative measures may increase the life of your engine significantly.

 There are a number of components that make up a cooling system. Many of these components are rubber hoses and seals which are susceptible to wear and corrosion, and if broken, can quickly lead to engine failure.

 There are several signs that indicate a damaged or corroded coolant hose. Brittle and inflexible rubber hoses should be replaced as soon as possible. Hoses with bulges or kinks are also reaching the end of their life. If a hose is already leaking, it may be accompanied by steam and a sweet smell. An ASE Certified Technician at your reliable auto repair shop in Olathe will be able to correctly diagnose any issues with your coolant system that you discover.

 Many of today’s cars use coolant hoses that are specially shaped to navigate around different engine components.  Some parts of the cooling system may not be visible, and some may not be easily accessible.  A general rule is that a car’s coolant hoses should be replaced every four years, though some may last significantly longer.

 Replacing damaged or deteriorating hoses will prevent overheating and wear on major engine components.  A modern engine’s moving parts are built with tight tolerances and may be especially susceptible to heat damage.  These components expand beyond their tolerances when overheated and the engine begins to break down from friction.

 It is imperative to stop any coolant leaks as soon as they happen.  It may be a good idea to keep some duct tape and a few sections of spare coolant hose in your car’s emergency kit.

 If your hoses are showing signs of wear, it may be time to see an ASE certified mechanic. Other cooling-related maintenance may be needed, such as a cooling system flush or a new thermostat. A good mechanic may offer other preventative suggestions that will help keep your car on the road for many years.

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