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Transmission Repair in Olathe

An automatic transmission is one of the most complex parts of a vehicle, and the second most expensive part to replace in your car next to an engine—all the more reason for you to keep your transmission in tip-top shape! Your Olathe Transmission Repair wants your transmission to have a long, productive life.

What causes transmission problems?

Most transmission issues stem from overheating. There are many things that can cause this—carrying a heavy load, rocking the vehicle in the snow, continuous starts and stops in hot weather, and even racing increase the odds of blowing your transmission.

How can I prevent damage?

Thankfully, maintaining your transmission isn’t difficult. In fact, just taking a few extra steps will not only prevent problems but also prolong the life of your transmission. Though your local Olathe Transmission Repair would love to help you, here are a few things not to do while driving to keep your transmission healthy:

  • Never shift to reverse or park until your vehicle is completely stopped
  • Never shift from part when the engine RPM is higher than normal idle
  • Always hold the brake pedal down when shifting from park
  • If your vehicle is ever being towed, make sure the drive wheels aren’t on the road
  • Check your transmission fluid every time your oil is changed. If your transmission fluid is low, this means there’s a leak somewhere that needs to be fixed.
  • Transmission fluid should be changed as often as the owner’s manual says. If it’s ever dark or dirty, it’s probably time to have an ASE-Certified tech perform as transmission flush.

Keep your Transmission Running.

Bring your vehicle to your trusted ASE-Certified Olathe Transmission Repair shop every 30,000 miles to have your transmission serviced. Regular servicing can provide for a longer life for your transmission, smoother shifting and increased performance. If there is something wrong with it, bring your vehicle by your local Olathe Transmission Repair!


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