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Why ASE Certified Techs Matter at Olathe Auto Repair Shops

In the early 1970’s, people had no way of assessing the competency or integrity of Olathe Auto Repair shops, aside from special deals they offered or recommendations from friends. Basically, you had to take the Olathe Auto Repair shop’s word for it—there was no other choice. Reacting out of necessity, the independent and non-profit National Institute of Auto Excellence was founded to address these concerns.

            Since 1972, it has been ASE’s job to give customers a better overall experience with their cars. ASE’s responsibility is to increase the quality of car repair and service through testing and certification of service and repair experts.

            Those in Olathe Auto Repair Services must pass at least one exam and provide proof of 2 years of qualified work experience to become ASE-Certified. However, this certification is not for life. To remain certified, all ASE-Certified technicians must be re-tested every 5 years to ensure they are up-to-date on all the latest car repair skills. These tests are very thorough and tough, seeing only one out of 3 people pass.

            Vehicle owners definitely benefit from taking their cars in to ASE-Certified technicians at a local Olathe Auto Repair. It is the one invaluable tool of which to measure the knowledge and skills of individual mechanics and shows their dedication of excellence to auto shops that employ them.

            To spot an ASE-Certified tech, look for the blue and white ASE emblem. Technicians will also carry their credentials, stating their exact level of expertise (brakes, engine repair, etc.) Your Olathe Auto Repair shops also tend to display their credentials in their shop.

            So if you’re ever searching for a place to have your vehicle looked at, just look for the ASE-Blue Seal of Excellence in your local Olathe Auto Repair.

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