Auto Shops Near Me Olathe, Kansas

Auto Shops Near Me In Olathe, Kansas

Auto shops that can properly assist you are worth their weight and if you are consistently asking yourself “where are the top shops near me in Olathe, Kansas?”, it is time to consider the many benefits that Anderson Automotive has to offer.

Anderson Automotive has been in business since 1996 and we have been fulfilling our objective of providing top-notch service for the past 22 years. Let’s take a closer look at why Anderson Automotive is one of the go to auto shops for those who live in Olathe, Kansas.

Comprehensive Services

When you bring your vehicle to Anderson Automotive, you are receiving access to some of the most comprehensive auto body repair/maintenance services in the Olathe region. You can receive all of the necessary repairs and services in one location and this saves You the time and money of having to take your automobile to a series of different auto shops.

These are the following areas of the vehicle that provide repair/maintenance assistance for:

Cooling System

We can diagnose any leaks that are taking place and diagnose overheating before it has a chance to become more serious. Your radiators, water pumps and cooling fans are also examined by our team of trained technicians.

General Maintenance

Oil changes and filter changes are provided. Your chassis is lubricated and any other fluid changes that need to take place are handled. Transmission services and tune ups are also offered. If your tires need to be rotated, we are happy to handle the job for you.

Comfort System

System diagnosis is available. If there are any additional problems when it comes to your heater cores, air conditioning service, AC compressors or blower motors, these can all be taken care of on site.

Drivetrain System

Does your transmission need to be replaced? You have come to the right place. Clutch replacements can be found here as well. CV joints and boots that require repairs and maintenance are attended to. Leak diagnosis can be taken care of here at Anderson Automotive too.

Engine Services

When it comes to your engine, we can diagnose oil leaks and fix timing belts. We also handle timing chain repairs, head gasket issues and engine replacement if need be.

Brake System

Diagnosis and inspection are just a few of the brake system services we have to offer. ABS diagnosis and master cylinder repair is provided. We will even provide a full inspection and diagnose all of the issues currently taking place.

Engine Performance Concerns

Having issues with your engine performance? We offer a diagnosis of the vehicle’s driveability and the computer system. Fuel injection services and emissions diagnosis are also available to our valued customers.

Electrical Systems

Starters, alternators, and batteries are repaired and maintained here. You can also have your Electrical issues diagnosed by our experienced technicians.


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