Female Friendly

female friendlyFor Our Female Motorists

Women account for more than half of all customers who take their vehicles to an auto repair shop. While female motorists are making more automotive service and repair decisions, they need to take certain steps to ensure that their repair experience is a positive one.

To take control of your automotive service experience, it is essential that you possess the tools to find the right female friendly repair shop, and then communicate with technicians and service advisors once you’re inside the shop.

The following tips should help:

  • Start shopping for a repair shop before you need one. Better decisions are made when you are not rushed.
  • Ask friends and associates for their recommendations. Old-fashioned word of mouth is valuable information. Word of mouth referrals are the basis for growth at Anderson Automotive!
  • Look for a neat, well-organized facility.
  • Read your owner’s manual and follow the recommended maintenance schedule.
  • Ask as many questions as you need.
  • Don’t rush the service advisor or technician to make an on-the-spot diagnosis. Ask to be called and informed of the problem, course of action, and costs before the work begins. Anderson Automotive requires your approval before work can begin.
  • Leave a telephone number where you can be reached.
  • Keep good service records of your vehicle. Anderson Automotive in Olathe, KS, utilizes a state of the art computer program that will store all of your work history and photos of your vehicle.

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