Brake System

Brake SystemYou don’t need us to tell you how important your brakes are to the safety of your vehicle. You rely on them to stop your car, truck, or SUV every time you depress the brake pedal. Anderson Automotive is brake system experts on both domestic and import vehicles. We service, repair, and replace ABS and standard brakes.

Inspection and Diagnosis

First things first, however, when you bring your vehicle into our shop, we’ll start with a comprehensive brake inspection to diagnose any problems. This inspection includes a visual inspection by certified technicians as well as hooking your vehicle’s onboard computer up to our diagnostic equipment for a computer readout. These two things combined tell us (and you) how your brake system is functioning and the expected lifespan of all of its parts.

ABS Diagnosis

Of course, part of our inspection and diagnosis includes an anti-lock braking system diagnosis. One of the greatest feats in automobile safety, anti-lock brakes prevent drivers from skidding when they must slam on their brakes, especially in wet weather. You might not know this, but when you first start your car, your ABS tests itself. This is why you see the ABS light on your dashboard illuminate for a brief period. We’ll hook the system up to our computer to read the self-test and ensure your ABS brakes are operating as they should.

Disc and Drum Service

Whether ABS or standard, most brake systems today are a combination of disc and drum brakes. Your disc brakes are on the front wheels of your vehicle and the drum brakes stop the rear wheels. The main components of these two systems are pads, shoes, rotors, and calipers. If you notice squeals when you stop your vehicle or your steering wheel shimmies when you press on the brake pedal, bring it in. These are signs of trouble with the pads, shoes, or rotors.

Master Cylinders

When you depress your brake pedal, the master cylinder takes that force and converts it into hydraulic pressure. This hydraulic pressure pushes the brake fluid into your brake’s calipers and wheel cylinders, or slave cylinders as engineers call them. The pressure of the brake fluid in combination with the brake parts stop your vehicle. Your automobile cannot stop without the master cylinder. Inspecting the master cylinder is part of our brake system service.

If Something’s Wrong, We’ll Find It

If we see anything wrong with your master cylinder or any other part of your brake system, we will discuss your repair or replacement options. For all brake services, we will give you the anticipated remaining lifespan of the parts. Call Anderson Automotive today. Olathe, KS, residents rely on our brake system service.


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