Engine Performance

Engine PerformanceWorking on vehicles sure has changed over the last few decades but we love how automobile technology has evolved. Henry Ford probably never imagined self-driving vehicles when he designed the Model T, but he did envision a car at every home. Engine performance today isn’t what it used to be, either, but Anderson Automotive has evolved with the times, too.

Drivability Diagnosis

Ford likely didn’t see auto mechanics performing drivability diagnoses because there wasn’t such a thing as dashboard warning lights, but today’s vehicle is powered in part by an onboard computer ready to determine whether you’re safe to go out on the road. If you aren’t safe, one of your dashboard warning lights will illuminate, such as the check engine light, and we can perform a drivability diagnosis to determine the issue and resolve it.

Fuel Injection Service

Your vehicle should have a fuel injection service at 60,000 miles. The gasoline you use to fuel your automobile deposits carbon no matter what type of gas you buy. Don’t pay attention to the commercials that tout cleaning fuels because carbon deposits are a result of the fuel-burning process. A fuel injection service removes the carbon deposits and flushes the entire fuel system to increase your fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Computer System Diagnosis

A computer system diagnosis is crucial to efficient automobile service and repair. Rather than spend hours attempting to isolate a problem, most vehicle issues can be diagnosed with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that talks to the vehicle’s onboard computer. We perform computer system diagnostics in our shop because they help us isolate a service or repair need and explain that need better to our customers in half the time.

Emissions Diagnosis and Repair

Your vehicle’s emissions system is a complex array of parts that prevent the car, truck, or SUV from releasing too much greenhouse gas into the air. The emissions system also prevents the vehicle from releasing carbon monoxide into the cabin. One of the primary reasons why your check engine light comes on is because of an emissions issue, whether the oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, or muffler. We diagnose and repair emissions systems.

We’ll Boost Your Engine Performance

Anderson Automotive has helped Olathe, KS, residents with their automotive service and repair needs since 1996. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive engine diagnostic reading. This will tell us if there is anything you should be concerned about with your vehicle’s engine.


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